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  • Writing away workshop at ANEMA

    And yet another successful workshop took place at the Anema by the sea Guesthouse Writing away workshop at ANEMA Samos hotels in cooperation with Greece Workshops Karlovasi Samos uniting the pleasures of leisure and learning during Jul. 2-16 2015 .  We had the privilege of hosting pre-eminent Canadia...

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  • Spiritual Awareness Workshop at ANEMA

    Mindfulness and Spiritual Awareness Workshop hosted at ANEMA hotel Samos. August 29-September 5 This workshop involves a series of exercises in self development, awareness, mindfulness, healing, yoga and meditation. Professional healer, Helle Nemborg guides her groups towards inner peace and soul con...

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  • Photos from the Kername Ellada (Tastes of Greece) exhibition on Samos

    Enjoy the photo gallery from the Kername Ellada (Tastes of Greece) exhibition at the Porfiriada School and the ANEMA hotel in Samos stand.  Relive unforgettable moments of this event through exceptional panoramic views of Porfiriada and snap shots of eclectic chefs unveiling their culinary creativity...

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  • ANEMA Samos hotel at kername ellada festival

    ANEMA Samos hotel in kername ellada festival The Prefecture of the Northern Aegean Islands in cooperation with the European Strategic Planning Organization present a celebration of  Cultural Gastronomy titled «Treats of Greece Festival» to be held at the Neo-classical Porfiarada School in New Karlova...

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  • in samos

    Art classes by artist Paul Foropoulos

    20 hours of intensive study in ANEMA hotel in Samos hotels- specially structured learning program by internationally recognized artist and instructor, Paul Foropoulos. €1000 instruction fee + supplies (canvas, oil paint medium and brushes) Take advantage of this special chance to learn from The Maste...

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