• Writing Away workshop on Greek island of Samos

    A 14 Day Writing Adventure on the Greek Island of Samos...

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  • feel-the-natural-holiday-in-samos-hotels

    The geography and climate of Samos island

    The geography and climate of Samos island is unique. It is in the eastern Aegean Sea, close to islands Ikaria and Chios and much more closer to the Turkeys’ coast, with just a strait of only 1 mile (approximately) wide, called Mycale Strait. It has an area of about 476km2 and while mountainous, domin...

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  • close to ANEMA hotel in Samos island 2 παραλίες της Σάμου

    Samos’s island best known beaches for their beauty

    What about Samos’s island best known beaches? Well, Samos as an island has many beaches, each a different style to fit anyone’s taste and of course they all are mesmerizing, small or big. Most of the northern beaches are shingle beaches while there are and sandy ones. We’ll start to name them f...

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  • Art workshop in ANEMA hotel on Samos Greece

    Art workshop with Paul Foropoulos, Ph.D at ANEMA hotel on Samos

    Internationally acclaimed artist and distinguished native of Samos, Paul Foropoulos, will help you unravel your creative skills in this specially structured art course taught in a waterfront, outdoor setting inspired by the azure of the Aegean at ANEMA by the sea Guesthouse hotel. 15 hours of intensi...

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  • Fauna of Samos island in Greece

    Samos’ fauna, like its flora, is plentiful, mostly because of the islands’ mountains, lush forests and the abundance of water. Samos’ animal kingdom is documented as having 139 species of birds, with 39 of them staying the whole year, 28 only in the winter, 26 of them making nests and 20 of undetermi...

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