• Pythagoras-the-philosopher-and-mathematician-of-Samos

    Pythagoras the philosopher & mathematician of Samos

    Pythagoras the philosopher & mathematician of Samos. Pythagoras of Samos was a great Greek philosopher and mathematician, founder of mathematics and a philosophical movement called Pythagorism. He created a system for the science of celestial bodies and is mostly known for his Pythagorean Theorem...

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  • Archaeological Sites of Samos island in Greece

    Archaeological Sites of Samos island

    Want to learn about the history of Samos island? Visit the archaeological sites and museums. The most popular site is Heraion, home to the temple of Hera, mother of Gods. The great altar was rebuilt during the Roman times as was the Sacred Road with its many monuments, leading to ancient Samos, today...

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  • close to ANEMA hotel in Samos island

    Samos island history in a few words

    Samos island history in a few words Samos island was once a center of Ionian culture and grandeur, famous for its Samian wines and its magnificent pottery designs. Home to the Ionic Temple of the goddess Hera. During the great migrations it received an Ionian population tracing back to Epidaurus in A...

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  • workshop on Greek Island of Samos

    Writing Away workshop on Greek island of Samos

    A 14 Day Writing Adventure on the Greek Island of Samos...

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  • Art-workshop-in-ANEMA-hotel-in-samos-2016

    Art In The Aegean at ANEMA hotel on Samos

    Sketching And Painting Holiday On The Greek Island Of Samos The Sketching and Painting Workshop is suitable for the complete beginner, intermediate or advanced artist. Program Day1 – Saturday, Arrival day. Introductions and welcome to The Anema By The Sea Guesthouse Hotel, time to settle in and...

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