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Greek Language Workshop for Beginners on Samos island, July 1 – 15

A 14 Day Learning  Adventure on the Greek Island of Samos...

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A 14 Day Learning  Adventure on the Greek Island of Samos

Do you care to tickle your brain?

Has the Greek culture always beckoned you?

Is Greece on your bucket list or perhaps you are already acquainted and would like to be able to say more than a few choice words and expressions?

Perhaps you have a (yiayia) grandmother who is Greek or someone else who is close to you.

Whatever the reason, we offer you the opportunity to learn some basic Greek, through role-playing, games, and songs. It is a communicative course that will enable you to read more than the road signs and have simple everyday conversations.

Building bridges of understanding through dialogue is at the core of the workshop. It is with communication that we build our relationships. This course will have you actively participating in the learning process and stimulating your senses. Together we will dance traditional Greek dances so you can feel the rhythm of the Greek heart, sing Greek songs which convey the spirit of the Greek people, play with words in a creative use of games to reinforce a building vocabulary and of course, most importantly, talk together by enacting natural and gracious dialogue. Come and be a part of something that will leave you with a twinkle in your eyes.

A doorway has opened to the culture of this land. Hop, skip and jump all the way because you are in for an exciting time. What better way to learn a language than by hiking through its natural surroundings. Karlovasi offers you an ideal setting to put your newly acquired knowledge to use. The Greek people here will warmly welcome your attempts to speak their language and encourage your efforts. Come join me for a two-week stay on the Greek island of Samos in the coastal town of Karlovasi at the delightful Anema-by-the Sea Guesthouse.

The island is lush with a wide spectrum of blues and greens. At your back, you have majestic mountains dotted with villages while at your feet the glorious sea. It is a sizable island with a rich history and awe-inspiring beauty. You will most certainly want to explore it and opportunities you shall have.

The lessons will be held mornings from 9 to 12, with Wednesday and Sunday free days. We’ll be happy to offer you suggestions about the island’s numerous alluring points of interest and worthwhile attractions to enjoy on those days.

Paving the way for Communication

The approach would be communicative in style.

Greek is a phonetic language and as such is a relatively easy language to learn how to read . Well, compared to English, that is! Grammar will be light yet sufficient for sentence building. Basic vocabulary will be introduced in reference to the home, (family, clothes,  house), the community (jobs, directions, shopping), parts of the body, colors, numbers, and more.

Goals set are the abilities to:

  • Have polite conversation, Go shopping,
  • Order at a restaurant or cafe
  • Ask for or give directions
  • Discuss plans
  • Give simple descriptions

Anthea-Maria Poole

An experienced educator; with teaching experience spanning over three decades. She is animated, energetic, imaginative and helpful.

Anthea was raised in a bilingual home in the U.S.A. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Regis College and a Master’s Degree in Education from Lesley University. Her formal training in Greek was a continuous thread throughout her schooling. That also included the period during her college years, at which time Anthea continued her Greek studies.  Moreover,  she chose to do a semester in Athens.  Of course, living in Greece and raising four children, now grown, has solidified her working knowledge of the Greek language. Furthermore, it has given her the opportunity to come to understand herself and the Greek culture in much greater depths.

Since coming to Greece, close to 30 years ago, she has been predominantly teaching English as a foreign language to all ages. She has worked in classrooms, as well as on a private basis with individuals and small groups. In the 90’s she owned a foreign language school (that was the first of its kind in Karlovasi to offer German and French in addition to English).  In recent years she has been asked to teach Greek each summer to visitors from abroad, which has now led to the fine idea of the workshop.

All those that have had her as a teacher hold her in high regard. Her students leave the lessons smiling and feeling good about themselves.


I love the fact that Anthea shows great interest in her students. She is very engaging and teaches more than the material at hand, providing her students with lessons that will be used throughout their lifetime.

Theodore Kontorianos, Student of The Air Force Academy of Greece.


Anthea is an experienced English teacher. She is energetic and resourceful, keeping her students motivated to work harder in order to achieve their goals!!!


Eleni Karnava, Special Needs Lecturer.


In my opinion, Anthea can offer you the best learning experience of your life. She earns the respect of youngsters and grown-ups alike, as she is methodical, professional while at the same time being amazingly playful in her easy-going and caring fashion. Everyone leaves her lessons with a wide smile and a warm heart reflecting her own.  How can you not love that?

Anastasios Karabetsos, student of Panteion University Of Social And Political Studies.


The combination of deep knowledge and understanding of the Greek language,
inexhaustible patience, an incredibly sunny disposition and a lighthearted approach makes Anthea the ideal teacher.  Highly recommended.

Elaine Stevens, retired teacher, currently Master Tax Advisor & Senior Citizen.

My name is Kalliopi. Being with Mrs. Anthea is really nice. Because she is kind and she is very happy being a teacher. I also like her because she makes Halloween parties and she is really funny. My experience as her student is the best! My experience with Miss Anthea being my teacher is really nice because she makes you feel comfortable and she also is a very happy person.

Kalliopi, 9 years old

1800 euro 14 nights single studio

1500 euro per person 14 nights double studio (two persons sharing a studio)

Accommodations: ANEMA by the sea Guesthouse.

Hotel package includes studio accommodation with breakfast and dinner, use of hotel facilities, hiking tour and group transportation to and from the airport (pick up time to be announced)

€ 750 to reserve a spot.

Balance paid prior to departure from hotel.

Minimum number of participants: 8

Registration deadline: April 30th

Airfare – responsibility of participant

Additional costs – One light meal a day, optional, local shopping, extra excursions